Technology Valley (TV) describes the hi-tech and innovation hub of the Wellington Region, with its epicentre in Hutt City. Like many other centres in New Zealand, there is a high level of creative thinking applied to technology, manufacturing, and business. Unlike our national counterparts, Technology Valley boasts an extraordinary depth and range of research and development institutions and infrastructure, and a proven track record of these translating into exciting and valuable business.

Sitting alongside this productive R&D community are well performing incubators, highly reputable patent attourneys, strong and motivated venture capital companies and a thriving angel investment community – who, coupled with a network of support agencies, offer commercialisation opportunities as well as host of other supports enabling success.

The community is diverse, with the local innovation landscape ranging from traditional, heavy manufacturing, through to highly specialised and world leading film production and post production and digital arts, and our ICT companies are holding their own against the worlds heavyweights.

Being on the doorstep of the nations capital, Technology Valley is home to many important national centres for technology that range from animal health through to virtual reality; and we are leading the way in seismic design and engineering, which is only partially motivated by our proximity to major faultlines.

For a little region of only 400,000 people, Technology Valley is confidently taking on the world. For all its compactness, there is always room to grow and opportunities are plenty in this supportive, engaged, and connected community.

Our History

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Our History

In 1973 the Lower Hutt Businessmen’s Association was presented with a proposal for the city to adopt the moniker ‘Science City’. This was at a time when the Avalon Studios were in their final stages of completion, complimenting the established industrial and technology community. So significant was this bourgeoning industry, that the association’s president even touted a museum, with its main aspect being industry and technology, being established as a draw-card to the city.

25 years later and the community that inspired ‘Science City’ continued to grow, with Hutt City recognised for it’s manufacturing and strengthening technology cluster. This increasing momentum of manufacturing and emerging technologies in Lower Hutt was recognised and a need for some coordination to harness this momentum was identified. It was at this point the term ‘Technology Valley’ was first used.


While the Technology Valley concept may not have become reality until recently, the ideology behind it has remained consistent: As the community has grown so too has the need for a more coordinated approach to how this group of innovators, makers, and doers interact, collaborate, and promote themselves as a group. 

As well as creating somewhat of a collective for this community of innovators, creating a cohesive narrative for their successes has become increasingly important. Technology Valley is a brand that represents the cumulative purpose, commitment, potential, and success of this community, while the Forum (TVF) is the movement of this group to meet, share ideas and knowledge, collaborate, and celebrate.

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