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The Settlement

Co-working and 'the network effect'

The socialisation, all-in-one bill and lack of loneliness aspects of co-working are some of its many benefits.

‘The network effect’ is an under-appreciated facet says The Settlement founder and owner James Walshe.

In the longer established Technology Valley Petone space (Porirua has only recently opened) there’s “real evidence of businesses engaging with others in the space and working alongside them,” he says.

“That’s where the real magic lies.

“One group will use their skills to build a team with a business with other skills. Neither would otherwise have access to each other if they weren’t in a space like this.

“You get people from different backgrounds working side by side.

“Where you have more people, more have a place where unexpected combinations may develop, where new opportunities may emerge.

“This network effect really is a quite compelling element to consider for co-working.”

(Picture - The Settlement's co-owners James and Meredith Walshe. James says many people underestimate the effect of different people having different conversations...and perhaps creating a new business)

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