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NZ manufacturing can succeed overseas...if it specialises

“It’s with a degree of sadness that I don’t see other specialised manufacturing carried out in New Zealand,” says David Percy, founder and owner of Pertronic Industries. 

The Technology Valley Wingate-based fire detection control equipment maker and marketer says the operative word is specialised. 

“Any manufacturing carried out here has to be something can’t simply be a me too product,” he says. 

“It is also pretty desirable that you have a New Zealand market, that you can make sure before committing yourself to export that you are actually meeting the needs of customers. 

“That’s because it can be very hard, from a New Zealand-based perspective, to understand overseas markets. 

“One of the really important questions then is, why do you think you can sell overseas, if you can’t sell in New Zealand?” 

David would like to see local manufacturers become more like Germany, and its famous ‘Mittelstand’ companies which have underpinned its economy. 

These relatively small, owner/operated businesses are heavily weighted around engineering. 

“They export to the world, and are a large factor behind Germany’s export success,” says David. 

“Germany has 47% of its GDP derive from exports, compared to New Zealand’s 26%. 

“They’re specialised, great quality and great customer service - all aspects which New Zealand exporters should aspire to.”

(Picture - It is only by producing what others don't or can't that New Zealand manufacturing can compete with overseas manufacturers)

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