Moka Lashes Sheree Wilkinson with Moka pottle 1460 x 1098

Moka Lashes

Sourcing help from others helps grow business

Tapping into networks and the wider business community has been one key to Moka Lashes journey from crazy idea to potential world-beating cosmetic improvement.

The Technology Valley Silverstream-based premium eco fibre (sourced from the non-native possum pest) business founder is grateful from the help from Creative HQ, and its incubation hub 1st Assembly.

Moka is also hopeful of accessing some of Callaghan Innovation’s research and development funding grants. 

“‘HineBoss’, run by the Maori Women’s Development Inc, an initial three day programme which looks at all aspects of starting a business was a fantastic course which set up much of what we’ve now achieved,” says Sharee.

“If you look and ask, you’ll find there’s organisations and people out there who are extraordinarily useful.

“Then of course there’s also Neil Mackie of Woolyarns who gave me a lot of time and advice - and was the one who suggested looking at possum tails as the source of the fibre we’re now using for our eco lashes!”