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Early engagement and effective partnering a key to MJH Engineering's ongoing success

Collaborating as soon as possible in a project, is a key factor in Technology Valley Seaview-based structural steel company MJH Engineering’s growth in the past 30 years.

Working alongside the likes of construction engineers, developers and architects, MJH likes to sit down and help determine the best buildability for the buildings and structures being considered.

This collaborative process gives MJH the ability to suggest innovative new ways to approach particular engineering challenges. Through this it can recommend alternative and more effective ways to do things -

“Being engaged early on increases the speed and compliance of every project,” says MJH Engineering founder and managing director, Malcolm Hammond.

He says effective partnering has also been critical in MJH’s success.

The cyclical nature of the building industry means that sometimes it could pay to have greater flexibility with regards to workload capacity and staff. 

“But you have to watch out for over capitalisation,” he says “You must balance sustainability of size with the demands of the industry

“If the building industry takes off, it can be hell for leather. Though you’d like to be  double the size, you can’t afford to be due to work fluctuations.”

“That’s why effective partnering is critical, as it also increases your capacity. At the same time though, you’re not committed  to the ongoing capacity, particularly around staff.”

(Picture - Fractions of a millimeter accuracy was vital for the steel componentry of a new building at 20 Customhouse Quay, Wellington - the Excellence in Steel Overall Supreme Award for the 2018 Steel Construction New Zealand)

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