GSD Steven McLaughlan and Mark Futter 1

Global Seismic Data

Intellectual property protected - but not through patents

The company behind a clever sensor which collects and wirelessly transmits key building pulse metrics hasn’t gone down a patent protection path.

If it did so, the Technology Valley Grenada-based Global Seismic Data would have to divulge too much.

Instead “we’re relying on trade secrets for our software and enterprise backend,” says co-founder Steven McLauchlan.

“That gives us a lot of internal protection.

“Structural health monitoring itself is nothing new. But the format we provide the data in is different.

“At the same time, what others offer is way more expensive and very slow compared to us.

“Our real-time data is much better value and more usable than anything else currently on offer.”

Caption: The Global Seismic Data sensor unit