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Going about getting a new name - tactically

Arlo used to be called Learning Source about nine years ago, before its founder and CEO bit the bullet to realise a name change was necessary. 

As anyone who has gone through the challenge of finding a name realises - it is a fraught process. 

A brand agency reminded John Mitchell that a piece of software being developed within a company might have a ‘proper’ name, but almost invariably acquires a nickname, a personality, something to be connected with. 

Among a number of such contender nicknames, Arlo stood out as the best candidate. 

“Arlo as a person has personality, is a bit different, but has something to connect with users,” says John Mitchell. 

“It’s also only four letters long. Among many advantages, that makes it easy from a logo point of view.”

(Picture - When settling on a new name, Arlo, the company wanted something with personality that connected with users says its CEO and founder John Mitchell)

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