GSD Mark + Sensor 2
Global Seismic Data co-founder, Mark Futter and the 'building pulse' sensor
‘Building pulse’ data ramps up people’s safety and economic resilience

The genesis for Technology Valley Grenada-based Global Seismic Data’s business came eight years ago when co-founder Mark Futter was in a building that moved a lot during an earthquake.

NZ telcos preparing to keep up with extra demand over coronavirus self isolation

“The New Zealand telecommunication industry has high quality networks which are more than able to respond to extra demands on the networks from people working from home and spending more time at home due to self-isolation.

Details build functionality

Eight360’s biggest challenge in its four and a half year development has been “surviving long enough to build out functionality,” says CEO/Chaos Pilot, Terry Miller.

Rising to the top of world video gaming production

Derek Bradley’s sometimes disbelieving that running a video game production company is his current job.

Coronavirus: Businesses providing laptops to employees for remote working

Some businesses are also getting ready for more staff to potentially work from home by providing laptops or remote access.

Game review: Nioh 2 is a tough challenge

Team Ninja is at it again releasing Nioh 2 which is arguably much harder than the first game!

Remote working is here to stay - and employees love it, says GitLab report

According to the report, 83% of respondents say they are able to accomplish all of their work tasks remotely and 82% say remote working is the way of the future.

Cybercriminals prey on healthcare panic to spread malware

Cybercriminals are now using fake HIV test results to spread their malicious phishing attacks, as they move quickly to cash in on healthcare scares in the wake of COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Female-focused healthtech solutions a growing market

Technologies such as mHealth, telehealth, and wearable devices to help pregnancy care, fertility, and menstrual care treatments while reducing costs.

Spark rallies Kiwi innovators to share their 5G ideas

Spark is calling on New Zealand’s most innovative businesses to pitch their best ideas about how 5G could benefit the country.