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Understanding the sales cycle a key to company growth

Times-7 managing director Jos Kunnen says one lesson he’s learned in his three years with the Lower Hutt manufacturer of specialist RFID antennas is a much better understanding of its customers’ sales cycles. 

“The decision process can be very long,” he says. “In a way, that can be our biggest challenge.” 

For example, as of mid-February the Alicetown based company has four pilot programmes with its customers (integrated providers of RFID tags-antennas-readers systems to their own customers). 

Times-7’s world-leading antennas have been tested, and shown to be more than capable of performing over and beyond the customer requirements. Still, as part of the sales cycle, Times-7 is still waiting. 

If any of these proof-of-concept trials come back with an order, “it will explode our business,” Jos says. 

“We’ve learned to steel ourselves for a long journey.” 

In the meantime Times-7 must be very frugal in its spending and investment. 

“We also have to be very mindful about confidentiality, and supporting many different customers - some of who may actually be pitching for the same job,” he says. 

If all the pilot programmes came back with a ‘yes’, “we would cope,” says Jos. 

“We’ve done our modelling. It would be a challenge and opportunity but we have the resilience and capacity to supply should those orders come through.”

(Picture - There can be a long wait between a successful proof-of-concept trial and actual order says Times-7 CEO Jos Kuneen)