Pertronic display of some of its equipment 2

Relentless R&D keeps Pertronic in number one spot

Continual research and development is one of the key factors behind Pertronic’s growth to number one in New Zealand fire detection control equipment. 

The 37 year old Technology Valley Wingate-based specialist electronics manufacturer ploughs back 10% of its turnover into R&D. 

“First you have to be profitable,” says Pertronic’s founder and owner David Percy. 

“That has a fair influence on how much you can commit to developing new products and services. 

“We have a pipeline of products we’d like to develop, with an R&D wishlist which grossly exceeds our R&D resource. We have to prioritise and work on what to do next that best supports the people who install our equipment. We want them to continue to regard us as their preferred supplier.” 

David says the fact Pertronic is now market leader in New Zealand is strongly due to the fact it continued to invest in R&D and continued to improve its product offering. 

When Pertronic began in 1982 there were other competitors in the industry. These were mostly overseas owned, didn’t reinvest as much as Pertronic, “and we were able to end up with a technically superior product,” he says. 

“From their point of view, it should never have been allowed to happen. If they’d invested in enhancing their product, it would’ve been much more difficult for us to get to number one position.”

(Picture - Constant research and development drives Technology Valley Wingate-based Pertronic business development)