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Moka Lashes Sheree Wilkinson with Moka pottle 1460 x 1098

Equity fundraising campaign eyed for Moka

Since establishing the Moka eyelash brand in 2016, Technology Valley Silverstream-based founder Sharee Wilkinson has mostly self-funded what she’d like to be a New Zealand wide manufacturing business.

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MJH Supreme award winners 1460 x 1098

The right people help MJH Engineering deliver steel structures on time and within budget

“I can’t  emphasise enough the  importance of having the right people on your team,” says Malcolm Hammond,  structural steel fabricator and founder of MJH Engineering.

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Arlo John Mitchell 1460 x 1098

Arlo's recruitment process woos and tests at the same time

Of the secret sauce components for Technology Valley Lower Hutt training provider software platform, recruitment is the first one for Arlo’s founder and CEO, John Mitchell.

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Moka Lashes Sheree Wilkinson with collateral 1460 x 1098

Having a lash at an eye wateringly large international cosmetic market

Eight years ago Sharee Wilkinson married a crazy idea to an existing business, and started on a journey that's eyeing a revolution in the international beauty business.

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Times 7 Jos TV3 1460 x 1098

Hutt antenna maker a leader in the RFID ecosystem

Almost hiding in the heart of Lower Hutt is a globally significant player in the ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT) world.

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