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Eldon Tate Inhibit Coatings

Silver particles basis of global intellectual property business

Inhibit Coating’s chief executive Eldon Tate was pretty sure his company's silver nanoparticle technology was a safe and effective way to deal with the Covid virus and its contamination of...

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Vlatko Materic holding sample of Hot Lime Pellets

Brand new business based on borrowing rather than creating new carbon dioxide

The most successful businesses spring into life when a problem meets someone who can solve it.

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Collaborative pix II

Covid creates collaboration among competitors

Covid has fundamentally changed ‘playing conditions’ for commerce all around the world.

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Richard Cutfield noho move

Local collaborations get to the bottom of a seating issue

The noho move™ chair is the ‘trail blazing’ (first) product offering of noho Limited, a Formway Group company established to take a new breed of Formway designed, locally manufactured, home...

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Cynthia Hunefeld 2

Establishing an ethical and sustainable business...right from the start

If and when HerbScience medically proves the in-body bacteria-fighting properties of its antimicrobial plant extract, its next challenge will be to source the herb itself.

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CIQ Hayley Ellison 2

The winds of change are transforming a site of smarts in Technology Valley.

What will soon be known as the Callaghan Innovation Quarter is morphing into being at its Gracefield site in Seaview.

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GSD Sensor unit

Intellectual property protected - but not through patents

The company behind a clever sensor which collects and wirelessly transmits key building pulse metrics hasn’t gone down a patent protection path.

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Cynthia Hunefeld founder of HerbScience

An investor, but more importantly the ‘right’ investor needed to help develop validated herbal medicine

HerbScience director Cynthia Hunefeld has proof of concept for her antimicrobial plant extract.

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CIQ Julian Andrews 1

Gracefield Innovation Quarter creating opportunities for our children’s children

New Zealand has a unique opportunity to think beyond the short term in the development of the Gracefield Innovation Quarter.

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Richard Doyle 2

Enjoy your business you’re on it

“Make sure you enjoy the ride, the time, what you doing while you’re doing it,” says Richard Doyle.

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