Moka Lashes Sheree Wilkinson with Moka pottle 1460 x 1098

Personal development key part of brand development

Many pieces of Sharee Wilkinson’s Moka Lashes start up business are coming together as she kicks off her luxurious possum-fibre, flax-glue eco alternative.

One aspect, especially as outside capital is raised for the Technology Valley Silverstream-based business, is the need for Sharee’s own personal development.

Especially with regard to the presentation and confidence in what she is doing “I realised I had to up my game,” she says.

“If I don’t have confidence in myself, the risk is others won’t have that as well.”

Such development was a big focus for her last year, “and I’m quite happy how I’ve progressed,” she says.

“At one time when put on the spot, I would’ve struggled to speak for 30 seconds on Moka.

“Now, I’m really happy and confident to share our story, why it is important, who our market is, why they are premium priced, why others might want to get excited about our offer.

“I’ve learned to speak to different outlets and organisations, to be interviewed, to communicate what I think.

“Of course it is always ongoing...but I’m happy with how I’ve come along.”