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Overcoming the challenge of distance

Specialist RAIN RFID antenna manufacturer Times-7 has to work hard to overcome the tyranny of distance says its CEO, Jos Kunnen. 

With most of its customers abroad, the Lower Hutt high tech company naturally finds it difficult to meet all its customers face-to-face on a constant basis. 

“We do attend large international trade shows and other industry events like the global RAIN RFID Alliance meetings though, where many of our partners, customers and potential customers tend to congregate,” says Jos. 

“Then we use emails, telephones, video conferencing to support our customers. 

“Sometimes it means very early morning conversations, or very late evening ones. 

“We pride ourselves on being responsive, and in finding ways to meet some unusual antenna requests. 

“Over the past three years we’ve proved not only the robustness and effectiveness of our antennas, but also our responsiveness. 

“Although we may be distant from some of the business-to-business customers we supply, being able to quickly design and manufacture, combined with a light weight product that can easily be air freighted, means we’re at least as good as our major competitors from other parts in the world in reliably delivering high quality products.”

(Picture - RFID antenna maker Times-7 finds itself with some unusual requests says CEO Jos Kunnen)