Pertronic display of some of its equipment

Make sure there's a market for it

Before embarking on spending serious money making a product, “make sure there is a market for it,” says Pertronic founder and owner David Percy. 

“What you consider to be a bright idea could in fact be something nobody wants,” says the Technology Valley Wingate-based fire detection control equipment manufacturer. 

“There has to be a market, and if that market is being served badly, then obviously there’s an opportunity. 

“But a word of caution. If nobody is supplying a market you’re eyeing, it is probably for a very good reason. 

“Above all, work out what your Unique Selling Proposition [USP] is, and what you’re prepared to supply that others can’t.”

(Picture - Pertronic ensures there is a market demand for all of its fire detection control equipment)