Moka Lashes Sheree Wilkinson with Moka pottle 1460 x 1098

Equity fundraising campaign eyed for Moka

Since establishing the Moka eyelash brand in 2016, Technology Valley Silverstream-based founder Sharee Wilkinson has mostly self-funded what she’d like to be a New Zealand wide manufacturing business.

However, she has come to the realisation she needs sufficient capital to roll out her possum-fibre artificial eyelashes, and natural adhesive, and is about to embark on a crowd-funded equity campaign to realise it. (As of early May, 2019, with a start date of early July).

Ta Koha is a money-raising platform created in partnership by PledgeMe and the Maori Women’s Development Incorporation.

Moka will be one of the first organisations to be part of Te Koha, and the first to offer an equity shareholding position in Moka (as opposed to a donation for a reward as in crowd-funding).

“Creating a hub for what we want to do takes money, and our research and development and protecting our intellectual property is also expensive,” says Sharee.

“We want to concentrate on getting our quality right. We’ve had a lot of interest so far, and we now want to activate our crowd a bit more. I can tell you that it takes a lot of work to produce your information memorandum.”