Richard Doyle 2

Enjoy your business you’re on it

“Make sure you enjoy the ride, the time, what you doing while you’re doing it,” says Richard Doyle.

This is the piece of advice an older Richard would give to a younger version of himself if it was at all possible.

The Atom’s (Wellington Victoria University’s incubation space) Entrepreneur in Residence in February 2020 says a constant wish and need to improve a business means on occasion that owners and founders may not celebrate at all or long enough.

Richard co-founded craft beer company ‘The Harpoon Brewery’ in Boston in the early 1980s in what was then a very non-mainstream business. 

“Enjoy the accomplishments that your business may have,” he says.

“It is positive for a company to never feel satisfied, but we probably didn’t do enough victory laps.

“I wouldn’t show how impressed I was with what we were achieving. While what we had was a totally fun environment, I didn’t enjoy it enough. 

“My advice is to enjoy your successes along the way more.”