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Encouraging start ups

While The Settlement co-working space may have more mature businesses than its sometimes perceived hotbedness of start-ups, that may be about to change.

James Walshe, owner and founder of Technology Valley Petone and Porirua based The Settlement co-working spaces is working alongside local Hutt, Porirua and Wellington councils to actively encourage and underwrite start up businesses.

“We’re looking at a potential incubation programme , which could see up to 10 start ups in the space,” he says.

“We want to mentor them, help them to grow, and ultimately stay and get much larger while staying in the Hutt Valley. 

“It’s evolving, but a great plan that’s in the pipeline.”

(Picture - James Walshe, along with his wife Meredith, says The Settlement is looking to become a hotbed of start up businesses)