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Customer reviews are marketing and development nuggets of gold for Arlo

Customer reviews and their maintenance are a key component of marketing for Arlo’s training management software

The Lower Hutt company has 4.5 out of 5 stars on review sites at Salesforce, Wordpress, Capterra and others.

Earlier on, and now, Arlo carried out surveys on its service with Net Promoter Score - a global standard for assessing customer satisfaction.

“We engaged with our customers and asked them for an honest assessment of how we were doing,” says Arlo founder and CEO John Mitchell. “We also asked them to review us on other public review sites, tell the world, leave a comment.” 

“If a positive comment comes back from a survey, ask them to post t to five review sites. It’s repackaging what you’ve already sold, getting more mileage out of it.” 

Listening to customers, and their reviews, throws up issues and pain points - and has resulted in a development backlog and management roadmap as a result. 

“Find a problem and address it. We’re developing the platform of choice for training providers which is only getting better.”