GSD Steven McLaughlan and Mark Futter 1

Collecting a building’s pulse the start of a much larger business orientation

Global Seismic Data monitors and transmits an ever-expanding volume of metrics around a structure’s performance.

Almost immediately after an earthquake, the information is available to tell building occupants whether it is safe to stay (or conversely, get the heck out).

The Technology Valley Grenada-based business is much more than simply sophisticated sensors strategically placed at key locations in a building.

Its founders (Mark Futter and Steven McLauchlan) describe its structural health monitoring solution as a Software as a Service (SaaS) business.

“Ours is a service which is fully integrated using engineers, sensing technologies, artificial intelligence, and real time reporting with enterprise class software.

“We give buildings a pulse, and remove fear and uncertainty following an earthquake.”

They say when disaster happens, key stakeholders have on-hand almost instant information and vastly improved decision-making ability for:

  • Building owners
  • Emergency services
  • Employees and occupants
  • Local government
  • Insurance companies


“GSD enables easier clearance and re-occupation of buildings.” 

“Stakeholders and businesses can put continuity plans in place and we remove the present time lags of waiting months for buildings to be okayed.

“We’re saving hundreds of millions of dollars to the economy with real information, where people can make decisions based on data and not assumptions.”

Caption: Global Seismic Data's co-founders Steven McLauchlan (left) and Mark Futter