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Better infrastructure through better data

Global Seismic Data’s structural health monitoring system provides 24/7 information on the behaviour of infrastructure.

In the first instance the data its strategically located lunchbox-sized sensors transmit to the cloud can tell building owners and earthquake engineers whether a building is safe to remain in after a seismic event.

But the array of information being gathered also records wind’s effects on a building, small shake degradation and changes in geology under a structure. This information can be modeled with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and become extremely useful should a surgical fix or remediation of a building be required.

Co-founder of Technology Valley Grenada-based GSD Steven McLauchlan says the rich data being constantly gathered about a structure’s performance helps provide answers to 4 R’s, and in turn a 5th vital R.

  1. Manage risk
  2. Maintain readiness
  3. How to respond
  4. The recovery plan


The analytics and answers provided by GSD’s sensors in turn creates a much better Resilience Plan says Steven.

But even though the GSD data collection/transmission already enables structure stakeholders to shift their focus from managing disaster to managing risk, the company have a very active research and development plan over the next three years.

This is particularly taking the form of more AI metrics, and also allowing more accurate modeling by construction and earthquake engineers. It includes preventative maintenance - which is much more doable when you have data on which to base decisions and not assumptions.

GSD is also to launch an urban sensor, specially designed for homes. The provision of this type of data is increasingly what insurance companies are clamoring for says Steven.

“Our motto is to always do better tomorrow than what we do today,” he says.

“With the R&D and technology development we have now, the ideas that may’ve been far out 12 months ago, can now be made a reality.

“We’re excited by the humanitarian and economic resilience that our structural health monitoring system provides, and we’re determined to make it even better.”

Caption: Global Seismic Data co-founder Steven McLauchlan