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Arlo's recruitment process woos and tests at the same time

Of the secret sauce components for Technology Valley Lower Hutt training provider software platform, recruitment is the first one for Arlo’s founder and CEO, John Mitchell. 

“Good people are so critical,” he says. “If your people are adverse in any way, it slows your company down.” 

“We have a great team now. We’re smart people who enjoy the work we do, and the company - the sort you enjoy having dinner with.” 

John says knowing your own company culture underpins recruitment. 

If intellect and culture fit, then team members join a global player IT company continuing to grow strongly. 

Arlo has two key tests, more practically aligned - but more looking for how quickly candidates can pick up technology, find out how to use it. 

The first test is to provide a software application never seen before, and ask them to do a few tasks on it. 

They then have to write a blog post on ‘the new future’, which helps assess a level of communication skills. 

Candidates also have to respond to a support ticket, screen a call, leave a message - depending on the position. “Straight away you can see whether they’re a natural on the phone,” says John. 

“By the time they visit face to face you know they’re smart and can do the job, so what you’re gauging is whether they’re a good fit. 

“You manage to get recruitment right about 80% of the time that way, which is much better than 50:50 norm. 

“And given the cost of recruitment, and of getting the right person, or the wrong one, it’s really useful to get it right.”

(Picture - creating a great team culture can be carried out systematically says Arlo founder and CEO John Mitchell)